Cheesy Finger Gongfu!


Lao Tou
Staff member
Yes I believe you are onto something rich and aromatic there. Work on your Jingang puppy palms at work and prepare for mortal combat with the cottage cheese thighs you may encounter on the dangerous suburbs.... I'll stop there for everyone's benefit.
Yes, I was taking “bad dad jokes” to a new low. No doubt my stinky fingers would ward off any attacker with an olfactory sense working at a basic level. I’ll see myself out now...

Brad Johnson

Ha, but (somewhat seriously) I will add that trying to inject gong fu training to "everything" I do is one of the most rewarding parts of this art to me. Practicing one's art while doing mundane tasks is one of the gifts, I think. It makes everything more interesting and fun. I remember Zhang Xue Xin (his skills are not the point) talking about his wife admonishing him for doing "peng, ji, an, lu" while stirring the soup. Other folks have voiced similar observations that clued me into this idea and I've been grateful for the insights ever since. For instance, who would have thought how much fun shoveling could be! (much like spear). Mowing the lawn? Bring it on!

now back to absurdity....!