Chen Style Taijiquan in Kenji (Manga)

Robin Wu

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Kenji is a Japanese graphic novel from 1988 - 1992 - featuring a Japanese boy named Kenji who learned Bajiquan from his grandpa. He traveled to China on a quest to find his missing grandpa, and along the way, he met a lot of martial artists from various styles based in real life.

Chapter 96 is titled Chen Style Taijiquan:
  • Kenji is in Taiwan, and he is shown Laojia and Xinjia (Qi Shi - Dan Bian).
Chapter 141 is titled Chen Xiaohao:
  • On page 15, Chen Xiaohao says: "You were probably taught by someone who only trained for a few days under my grandfather, Chen Fake, in Beijing before the revolution."
    • "My grandfather, Chen Fake..." - I thought Chen Fake only had two sons (Chen Zhaokui and Chen Zhaoxu), and I thought Chen Zhaoxu only had two sons. So, is this guy supposed to represent Chen Xiaowang?
Chapter 147 is titled Chen Jiagou:
  • Kenji ends up in Chen Village.
  • On page 7-10, we see Chen Xiaoxing who's teaching a group of young, pretty Japanese women. :D
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Kenji is one of my favorite manga, Drawings are very accurate, there is a real work of research on the different arts, and many are present (you can even see kalaripayattu !!).
The only default, imo, is that there is too much emphasis on the superiority of baji quan over other arts. Otherwise, it's just a must read for any martial arts fan. I have read it twice so far :D