I'm not alone!

"On one job site,” he says, “I was trying to remove an old, broken two-by-four, but it just didn’t want to come out. As a last resort, I got a pry bar. Big mistake. The board whacked me in the head and I ended up with seven stitches.”

I grew up in a neighbourhood with quite a few kids my age in the edge of town burbs. We'd always be building forts and sometimes do "recon and demolition missions" on each others' "hide-outs". On one such particular "mission" I undertook at about the age of 12, I recall there being a 20 something foot, 2.5" diameter metal pipe used a top outer beam on my "enemy's camp". It was wedged into something on each end of the fort and midway down it's length, went outward around the flagpole that they had in their yard. Let me tell you, it really fa-jin-ed the side of my head when I let loose one of it's ends as my opening "fort destroying" manoeuvre. Got me a few stitches above the ear for that one and a very bloody bicycle ride home. 🤣