Marin @ The drunken boxing podcast - round 2


43 min in and Marin said Chen Fa Ke was not calling his art Taiji but instead calling it at Chen Quan. I am going to start calling what I practice at as “Chen Fist” to add on to the mysteries appeal and enhance my personal image 😀


Last time in Poole, Marc talked about Chen Jia Quan. I liked the idea, because "Tai Ji Quan" is most often (not to say always) associated to Yang and/or soft healthy gymnastic. Can you share with us with us the reasons you personnaly kept the "traditional" name ?


Lao Tou
Staff member
It is not really my place to change anything. I just call it what my teacher calls it. Although Taijiquan is a troublesome name due to the associations it has it is still more recognizable.