The Drunken Boxing Podcast #13 - Jarek Szymanski



Jarek is mentionning at around 1h18mn a Japanese guy who studied with Chen Yu. To quote Jarek, "probably Marin knows him" .

By the way, as usual with Byron, very interesting. His guest today is an important contributor to the Chinese martial arts community in the West, through his website


Really? WHy?
Perhaps because I was listening to this at the same time !? That was a really interactive conversation between Will and Byron!

Don't get me wrong, I am big a fan of Byron as I think he is super articulate and extremely detail oriented on explanation. I listen to ALL of his podcasts since the first one with Marin. But somehow I cannot find myself finishing this latest one.


Beside the difference of appreciation, there is one topic that we could talk about here. At around 2h08mn, they start to talk about the importance of basics. And follows an interesting discussion about how training transforms you. This part is about 10 mn long.