Video: Taijiquan in Modern Combative Sport

Any other video examples of someone Taijiquan trained practicing in MMA, Sanda, etc? That basic "kao" seemed like a really effective and unexpected "get off me, *****" technique.

Marin, unless I'm misremembering, I think you mentioned in a podcast that some MMA guys trained under you? If so, how has their training with you affected their combative sport performance?

Thanks all for humoring my curiosity 🙃


Lao Tou
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Yes Quang above is involved in MMA ask him. Also William Miller @William Miller is involved with Muay Thai and boxing + grappling so that qualifies as well, could also ask him.


Interesting! Do you mind if I ask how you've changed your approach to training and fighting due to Marin's approach to gongfu?
No not at all. I wouldn't say I've changed my approach so much as I'd say I evolved and took a step further into more advanced biomechanics. The kung fu I have learned have helped me in literally all aspects and hurt me in none but some major things I can mention is: balance, structural alignment and overall understanding of centroids. For BJJ it helps a lot with passing and not getting swept specifically I have been working on boxing horsing on one leg and literally stepping out of lapel guard, also with framing and understanding centroids.


For boxing and striking it also helps because of balance and some of the footwork can be tricky and not too common with a lot of other striking arts also for hand trapping which is in itself something more advanced it really helps (going into centroids again) but just the basic balance, and over all structure of engagement and the footwork which is different helps a lot.

For wrestling I'd say same as boxing and BJJ, centroids, balance but also on how to utilize and network the legs instead of leaning forwards. These are all basic things that I have found have helped me. Also in muay thai quite often people fight on one leg to either check a kick, chamber for a kick or fake a kick so it helps balance there as well as in muay thai clinch. Hope that helps.
Training with Marin and incorporating the methods has improved my awareness of mechanics that improve technique or increase and direct power. Some are overt applications drawn from various drills or form. The other impact and more personal development with using the kua/pulling methods is found in adding snap to previous methods. My approach to fighting approach hasn't changed but has grown. Training for fighting is a different animal and requires a multiple of approaches/ skills but at this point I definitely see change in recruiting of parts moving toward a more direct expression. I have a short video that I kind of discusses some of this very briefly. Just haven't figured out how to link and attach.