Ya Quan (Duck Fist)

Robin Wu

Taiji Kitten
Description from the second video:
Ya Quan is said to have originated in Tang Dynasty by Daoist Master Liu Ya from Emei Mountain who had raised Ducks. During that he should have been inspired by them to create this style.

A Ya Quan fighter waddles instead of walking. This footwork conceals devastating kicks and sweep kicks as well. Hand techniques includes chop, punches, and flaps that can be applied as defensive techniques similar to the styles of Crane Fist.

Movements in Ya Quan are all in pairs and symmetrical in left and right. The forms are long, graceful, fluid, and are beautiful to watch.

Ya Quan is a style of Kung Fu practiced in the provinces of Tianjin, Jilin, and Tangshan. Although Ya Quan is a rare style of Kung Fu to find outside of China, it is a very effective style. During the end of Qing Dynasty, most of the proficient fighters and professional bodyguards from Northern China were all Ya Quan experts.

And by the way there are two kind of Duck Style, one is this kind of imitative Duck Style and the other is the Rao Bu Quan/Circle Step Fist which is also called Mandarin Duck looks similar to Chang Quan but with his own specific characteristic.



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That is just so odd.. they are all so seriously into it. The last one with the drama trauma music is some deep stuff.